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Armoured Mining Cable works with high current carrying capacity

An Armoured Mining Cable is a collection of electrical conductors that is used for electrical distribution at the mines. At the mining sites, Mining Cables are exposed to extreme conditions and thus they need special methods of construction so that they can withstand all the adversities. Mining Cables consist of three main components; the conducting element, the insulation and the protective covering or armor. The material used in the making of Mining Cable is determined by various factors such as operating voltage, magnitude of current to be transmitted and the environmental conditions. All these factors must be taken into account before you opt for a particular Mining Cable.


Desired Characteristics Of Mining Cables:


Mining Cables are prone to damage owing to the harsh conditions in which they are used. Mining Cables may be exposed to water, chemicals, extreme temperatures and other wearing factors. This calls for specific characteristics so that the Mining Cables can endure all these adverse conditions .Mining Cables should comprise of strong and highly durable insulation. A metal covering or armor is always desirable as it maintains Mining Cable’s resistance to weathering. Armored Mining Cable exhibits enhanced strength and insulation. The insulation material used in the Mining Cable should be resistant to heat and fire.


The outer cable jacket should be made of double layered and lead cured thermosetting material to impart endurance to the Mining Cable. The jacket covering should be resistant to abrasion, compression and cuts. This can be achieved by using formulated jacketing compounds. Additionally, the conducting element should possess high conductivity.


To sum up, toughness, insulation, flexibility and resistance to various environmental factors are the key attributes that are desired in Armoured Mining Cables.


Choosing Suitable Mining Cable:


A competent electrical engineer should be employed for the selection and Installation of Mining Cables. An improper Mining Cable may lead to dangerous outcomes. Therefore, there should be no compromise with the safety standards of the electrical distribution system.

Mining Cables are available in a variety of grades and specifications. The common varieties available in the market are:


Insulated Mining Cable

Sheathed Mining Cable

Armored Mining Cable


Applications of these wires


These wires work with high current carrying capacity.

These wires are of low electrical resistance

These wires contain heat resistant property.

These wires are very flexible wires.

These wires provide resistant to corrosion.

These wires are made of quality copper material.

 It is a fatigue resistance wire and provides high elasticity.

This type of wires provides unique and clean surface condition.

In the manufacturing of Armoured Mining Cable natural fiber, radiation-proof instruments, textile static-resistant.

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