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5 core flat cables are used in DVD players, fax machines and with other electronic devices

5 core flat cables are used in DVD players, fax machines and with other electronic devices.

Today’s market is full of new technologies for wire manufacturing. The best example of rapid growth of wire industry are 5 core flat cables, low smoke wires, fire retardant fires, fire rated wires and much more wires are available in the market. Latest technologies come with new way of working methods with the related field. Working styles, methodologies, certifications, restrictions really change the face of products production and implementation .Emerged new technologies are also coming with more flexibility, durability and easiness .In the field of wire manufacturing, really lots of improved technologies came up with new ideas  such as multi layered insulation ,fire resistance feature ,low smoke , heat resistance power , high power transmission , interruption free communication wires .These are true and live example of technology improvement  in the field of wires.

5 core flat cables are flexible power wires which are used at AC system .These wires   can work for long time at low temperature .If there is a condition for doing work on direct current system, these wires can do but there is a temperature limitation .It can only work at low temperature .The working voltage should be 1.6 times lower than average temperature .The working temperature of these wires must be higher than the zero degree centigrade and less than seventy degree centigrade. For the installation and implementation of these wires its key features are required .Its key features are simplicity, flexibility and high efficiency .This wires have lots of different key  features .

Features of 5 core flat cable

·         These wires are very easy to install.

·         These wires provide smooth installation

·         These wires prevents from extra wire damage.

·         These wires are used with personal computers and connecters.

·         These wires are mostly used in DVD players, fax machines and with other electronic devices.

These wires makes wiring process very simple with the help of play and plug connectivity .This kind of wires have a very unique feature that it provides five hard wiring and six soft wiring solutions.

These wires help to minimize the wastage of raw material .With these wires you can add equipments by easy plug in techniques. It takes very less quantity of wires at the time of installation.  

There are different types of core flat cables are available with different and unique features.

·         Two cores: Blue and Brown

·         Three cores: Blue, Brown Green and Yellow    

·         Four core: Brown, yellow, black and green and blue

·         Five cores: Brown, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow and Black

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