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4 core round cable tough and can be recycled

These cables are mainly used for submersible pump motors cabling under deep water. Small copper wires are used for insulation of round cables to provide more reliability and block interferences and crosstalk. Although all cables generally provides same signal transmission but these cables are more secure to be installed under water. These cables are flexible and provide more durability in different climatic conditions. To run electricity under water is hazardous so, it is very necessary to choose high quality cabling like 4 core round cable as they contains copper conductors with DTLS and can be used for various domestic and industrial purpose.


These cables are widely required in market as their manufacturing is based on international standards and also provide flawless performance. These cables contain various features and properties which are as follows:

·         Basically designed to work in different climatic changes

·          Tear and cut resistance

·         Weather resistance

·         Excellent chemical and electrical resistance

·         Looks and perform  like Vulcanize rubber

·         Excellent flexibility

·         Excellent durability



Different types of submersible pumps require different cables to provide signal transmission under water especially in depth of 500 meter or more. These cables are made to handle interferences and pressure under deep water. PVC 3 and PVC 4 cord cables are use to transfer electricity to sewer systems so that they do not get effected by chemical, electrical, acidic and other fluids.


3 and 4 core cables are used to be installed in deep under water submersible pumps as they are made up of thermoplastic rubber and provide resistance from regular unwanted fluctuations in water. These cables are made by two types of plastics they are:


Thermosetting:  This cable is made up of tough plastic so, that it will not get affected by high heat and pressure. Subsequent heat will not soften them UF resins, Bakelite, melamine are coming in this category.


Thermoplastics:  This category of plastic includes Nylon, PVC, Polyethylene, thermoplastics and polystyrene and can be recycled.



·         For heavy machineries

·         For submarines

·         For deep wells cabling

·         For heavy industries


4 core cables are very flexible and used for under water cabling in submarines and deep wells. These cables are made up of tough plastic and can be recycled.

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