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4 core round cable looks like Vulcanize Rubber material

4 core round cable are multi screening wire which provide continuous power supply to submersible pumps down to long distance depths .these wires are four sheath wires .this is the main reason of these wires durability and reliability .Large and wide variety of these wires makes it more purposeful .these wires provide proper resistance power to acidic fluids and chemicals.


These wires have made of multilayer architecture .As the wire name implies that these are four core wires, it consists of four conductors .These are copper material conductors. These all four conductors has insulated with PVC insulation .four conductors are insulated with different color insulation materials .These colors are respectively red, yellow, green, and blue .The gap among these wires fill up with round shaped filler .After this, it shielded with double layer insulation .First one is black insulation and other one is in grey color .These wires are specially designed for heavy and large applications. 

Application of 4 core round cable


  • These wires are specially designed for heavy and large applications.
  • These wires follow multilayer architecture
  • This multilayer architecture provides resistance power to acidic fluids, chemicals, water, grease and oil.
  • These wires mostly use for power supply to submersible pumps.
  • These wires are specially use for installation for motors in deep wells.
  • The maximum lengths for use is five hundreds meters.
  • Some of the times these wires are also used for process of dewatering pumps.
  • These wire lines are tear, cut and abrasion resistant capacity.
  • It contains high impact resistant.
  • These wires are full of electrical properties.
  • These wires also provide high weather resistant power.
  • These wires serve excellent long term performance.
  • It looks like Vulcanize Rubber material.                                                                                                                   

Construction process and standards of these wires 

In the construction process of these wires multiple shielding process are used .Conductor shielding, inner shielding and outer shielding. For the conductor copper material is used .Copper conductor are used by following the international standards and national standards .These standards are like AS 7895, TR 8578 ,IEC 445, SABS 1578 , EDC 0956 and so on .For the inner and outer insulation PVC compound Di electric material is used. Black thermoplastic rubber is also used for insulation process .There are so many types of these wires are available in the market .The series of these wires is like as. Armoured wires,  flexible wires ,lighting wires ,satellite wires ,security wires and much more .These wires are very much similar to three core round wires.  4 core round cable has established a very strong place among all the wires due to its long lasting life , reliability and reasonable prices..

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